Cars and Men

This week we are at the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona.

What is it about MEN AND CARS…

especially muscle cars?

Shelby GT500

Guys just have this lust for them…AND IT’S INSATIABLE!!!

They will spend hours at a car auction looking…

and wanting….

and ALMOST DROOLING over these babies.

Then there is the possibility of (as I shutter to think)…


Shelby GT500

Sound familiar?

I know first hand ‘cuss I’m married to one of THOSE guys…

And our kids love them!

OK, ALRIGHT, If truth be told, I LOVE MUSCLE CARS too…

and the 60″s are the best!

I like to go to auctions, and for cruises, and there is actually nothing more exhilarating than going fast…


(well I can think of a couple other exhilarating things)

But I don’t drool…


So if you have one of THOSE guys in your life, he may appreciate a muscle car cake…

give him what he wants!

Take the opportunity and go to a Barrett-Jackson Auction , it’s exciting.

You will see rare cars that you may never ever see again, because their new home may be in a private collection anywhere in the world.

And ladies if he’s buying, you can too!  There’s a lot of vendors selling jewelry, clothing, shoes, furniture, boats…

you name it, they pretty much have it!


See more 3D Sculpted Cake HERE



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