One by one our children have left the nest to start their own adventures in life.

It wasn’t until this last December that it struck me smack dab in the heart, that my children weren’t around to do some baking with me.   How did this happen?  When did they all grow up?

My husband Randy wanted to bake with me, wasn’t that enough?   No it wasn’t…So I had a pitty party ALL BY MYSELF.

Well the party didn’t last long ‘cuss I came up with a plan…I was going to include our kids baking with us!

Getting the ingredients together

Soooo… I turned on the Christmas music, danced around the kitchen, got out the baking supplies for what it was we were about to create and snapped off a picture with my Iphone.  A mass text was sent out and they had to guess what it was we were making.

They all played and  they all guessed right, because they had all made those delightful candies and cookies every year with us.

It was just a simple thing yet my heart felt wonderful again.

The holiday season is over and life is back to normal.

The kids have all gone back to their lives, the decorations are down (for the most part) and I am left with a feeling of how fortunate I am to have the family I have.

Are we perfect in every way…no I don’t think so.

Do we always get along…definitely not.

Do we love each other…absolutely!

May you and your family be blessed  with Love, Happiness, Good Health and Prosperity.

Keep each other close in whatever loving way you can because you never know what tomorrow may bring.


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